If You Missed the Bitcoin Boat, Jump onto the GlamJet Train.

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The bitcoin blockchain was created in 2008 and despite criticism from financial institutions, governments and media, it has enjoyed tremendous worldwide acceptance, with many newly created currencies increasing in value at a rapid pace, especially Bitcoin.

Between 2009 and 2013 alone, the value of a single coin went from US$0.10 to over US$1,100, with people who had invested in Bitcoin becoming multi-millionaires in a very short period of time.

With round the clock coverage and its usability around the world, it is now probably one of the most discussed economical successes in financial history. One example was a young Norwegian man who was mentioned in the news. According to a Norwegian news outlet, Kristoffer Coch threw in roughly US$26 on a Bitcoin investment back in 2009, and on the day the news story ran, it was worth US$850,000.

It was an expensive lesson for anyone who was introduced to Bitcoin at an early stage, but who turned it down.

Cryptocurrency allows everyone in the world to be their own bank, free from taxes and banking fees. It is built on math, technology, code and computer software, with a shared ledger that anyone can access though the internet. It truly has the potential to make our world fairer.

Today, billions of people are living without a bank account, yet many of them own a smartphone and it is the smartphone that provides this access to a global personal banking system through the technology of cryptocurrency, thus providing banking for everyone. It is widely believed that cryptocurrency is to banking what the internet was to telephony. The most exciting thing about it is yet to come, as the incredible progress we’ve witnessed so far is only just the beginning!

The Future Economy

Whilst Bitcoin was a tremendous breakthrough, helping to bring cryptocurrency to the attention of the masses, the future success of crypto depends on pioneers to improve, simplify and add features to a solid technology base. New currencies have been developed and awareness of the new alternative economic system continues to grow rapidly, opening doors for a much safer, more powerful, practical and user friendly cryptocurrency experience.

After many years of investment and research and development, Glamjet finally opened its doors for private pre-sale in September. With over 10,000 participants joining within the first month, it is already proving to be one of the fastest growing financial opportunities in today’s market.
So what is the secret of this tremendous success?

Glamjet is not just another cryptocurrency. Offering 250 Trillion Glam tokens to the market, it has become the world’s largest cryptonized luxury ecosystem that keys into various global trends, including: the growth of computing power, accessibility of goods and services, the rise of e-commerce, the thriving luxury goods market, new peer-to-peer payment methods, disintermediation and last but not least, quicker, cheaper and more secure transacting through the blockchain technology. By offering double chain-based Escrow Services, an attractive referral program, an MT4 Face-to-Face Exchange, as well as its own wallet system, Galmjet sets the new crypto industry standard, offering an all-in-one solution that provides security and transparency to all participants. No matter who you are and where in the world you live, if you’ve missed out on the cryptocurrency success so far, then today is your chance to get involved in one of the biggest financial shifts in the history of mankind.

If you are looking for a forward-looking mechanism to finance your new house, your new car, your chidrens’ education or even your pension plan, Glamjet offers you an entry into the revolutionary world of cryptocurrency.

Remember, it’s no, longer a question of “If” cryptocurrency will have an impact on our future economy. The question you should ask yourself is: “ Am I ready for this new wave of economic change?” Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be one step closer to your financial goals.

What is My Crypto Consult?

My Crypto Consult (https://mycryptoconsult.io/) is the leading cryptocurrency marketing company for the GlamJet Foundation – The Next Generation All-in-One dApp Platform!

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