How to buy CDL Tokens?

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The cryptocurrency market prices are falling or rising, and that is what the whole idea of trading is all about. The fact that the price of a coin is falling does not mean that it is a bad sign. This is the perfect moment to buy a cryptocurrency, wait for its price to rise and then sell it at a profit.

It is worth investing in such a cryptocurrency, which has the potential and gives us additional benefits from owning it. This is what CDL Token is like.

CDL will provide you with many new opportunities, such as lowering fees to 0% or the possibility to earn money from voting for new crypto. You can read about all the features of our token HERE.
Buying it on our platform is a simple process.

Remember, there are two ways to exchange your sources on CoinDeal.

  1. Make your own offer and wait for a seller
  2. Choose from already existing offers placed by other users

Exchange by using 1 and 2 option can be done in a few easy steps:

1. Once you have already got a Bitcoin in your wallet, go to the CDL/BTC market, which you can find by opening the “CHOOSE MARKET” tab.

2. Analyze the market and chart. More on reading charts can be found HERE.

3. If you decide to create a new offer, you must follow these steps:

  • place your offer in the “Buy” section
  • set your desired price in BTC for 1 CDL
  • enter the amount of CDL you want to buy (the total amount will be calculated automatically);
  • click “Buy”
  • once your transaction has found a buyer, it will be finalized. 

4. If you decide to accept the current offer:

  • click on the “Sale offers” section
  • the most profitable are the columns at the top
  • here you can modify the price and amount of the currency you are buying
  • click “Buy” and your transaction will be completed automatically

This instruction shows how to buy any currency on our exchange, not just a CDL Token.


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