How serious is Red Bull’s threat? “We know Marko’s style”

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Red Bull will have to look hard for a new engine supplier for both teams in Formula 1 next year. Helmut Marko has already indicated that their own departure from the sport will be possible if this does not succeed. Can we take that threat seriously?

According to Raul Romojaro, journalist for the Spanish newspaper AS, you can expect everything from the Austrian company, especially in these times. “Nothing should be ruled out in advance, because Red Bull must also keep an eye on its activities affected by the pandemic.”

Red Bull can add pressure with two teams

Nevertheless, he does not rule out a little bluffing on the part of Red Bull. “We know Marko’s style,” says the Spaniard. He suspects Marko of wanting to put pressure on Formula 1 with this. “It would be a huge blow to the sport if Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri withdraw.”

It is true that Red Bull can put a lot of pressure on Formula 1 and the FIA with two teams. Nobody wants to be suddenly confronted with a field of just 16 cars. That is also the reason why a few years ago the rule was introduced that manufacturers are obliged to supply a team with engines.


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