How cryptocurrencies affect the marketing scene?

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Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade. But now, they’re not just money anymore. Other values start being important as well. Which ones?

Constant development

Cryptocurrencies don’t cease to evolve and change. A couple of years ago, nobody would have thought this business can be as profitable and as influential as it is now. Entering new exchanges, spreading the popularity, reaching more people – that’s what creators of cryptocurrencies do on the daily basis. But, like with every industry, crypto assets can’t stay in one place, because that would mean stagnation and loss of users’ interest. They have to grow and expand their usability, along with their popularity. Investing in other businesses and making interesting partnerships have become the way to survive in today’s world, and stay in people’s minds.

Drove by passion

But such investments are not only something that helps cryptocurrencies get recognised and spread the familiarity of the coin. They are also an amazing opportunity for every person involved. What’s important is focusing on industries that are somehow significant for us. That’s why investing in sport and supporting teams is something that has become a big thing in the cryptocurrency world. 

Mixing business with pleasure

Working with various sport-related entities is both, a pleasure, and a good marketing move in one. Establishing partnerships between cryptocurrencies creators and famous sport clubs helps to spread the knowledge about the crypto, as well as expresses the approval and love for sport. But, what kind of sport should one support? The answer is easy – the one you like the most.

Chasing the dream

FuturoCoin is a good example of making an effort to become better and fit the new trend. The company has decided to partner with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and start beneficial, long-term cooperation. The choice was dictated by the FuturoCoin’s co-founder Roman Ziemian’s love for motorsports. 

“Cryptocurrencies and Formula One are very similar and their values are much alike; speed, technology and being ahead of their time. I’m a huge fan of motorsport and F1 has always intrigued me. The sponsorship is an exciting new chapter for our company and will be one of our tools to drive awareness of FuturoCoin” commented Roman Ziemian.

Getting involved in sports is a very smart move of FuturoCoin. It is a common knowledge that Formula One evokes emotions and builds strong relations. Letting people know that the cryptocurrency of their choice is also supporting something they love in other fields, is an attitude worthy of admiration and consideration. Getting recognised by media – like a cryptocurrency portal is just a nice addition.

Support is always good

Other ways of support are also highly appreciated. Just being present at some events is something that is worth doing, both in terms of marketing and cryptocurrency recognition. FuturoCoin is setting the example of a company that simply gets involved. The FTO logo is definitely something we will be seeing more often, at many occasions. 

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