Horner: Vettel cost Verstappen a certain podium!

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Christian Horner believes that Max Verstappen on Silverstone could potentially finish second place if there was no incident with Sebastian Vettel.

In the 37th round, Verstappen passed Vettel and took the third place, but a few moments later the Germans hit him. Both were able to continue the race, Verstappen finished fifth, while Vettel finished out of the 15th place. He also received 10 seconds of punishment as he caused a collision with Red Bull driver.

After all, Red Bull’s chief Christian Horner believes that Vettel cost Verstappen a potentially second place. Bottas who finished behind the winner Hamilton, had to go to boxing for the second time and most likely that on the track he would be back behind Verstappen.

“For us this is very frustrating because Max lost a guaranteed stand,” – Horner said. “What place on the stand? We do not know, he would probably be the second on the track. Would Valtteri catch it or not, we would have to wait and see. It’s very frustrating.”

Horner admits that he was relieved, because Verstappen managed to finish the race.

“It’s incredible that the car remained in one piece. It is incredible that he managed to continue despite the damage he had. At least he managed to finish the race and get some points. He was frustrating because he made a great maneuver on the track. I can only assume that Seb completely misunderstanding the situation because he blocked the brakes and the way he hit him.” – Horner added.

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