Horner: Verstappen is the best driver in the world!

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Red Bull’s chief Christian Horner believes that in the current form, Verstappen is the best driver in the world. He orders his team to provide him a car with which he can fight for the title.

Verstappen achieved his sixth career victory in Austria, and this victory came as a crown to his excellent riding since the beginning of this season, in which he constantly draws the maximum from the RB15, the third best car on the grid, which is currently in front of both Ferrari drivers in rank driver and behind two Mercedes.

The Dutch started his great form at the Cannes World Cup last year and ended his 15th race on the winning post. The start of last season was very difficult for him and in the first 6 races he made big mistakes, the biggest of which came at the 3rd free practice in Monaco – it was also a milestone.

After Ricciardo’s leave from Red Bull, Verstappen became the team leader and in this new role, the Dutchman worked great.

“Daniel owns such a great personality, with a great sense of humor,” said Horner. “Outside the car, Max was always a little in his shadow and he was a frivolous younger brother.”

“As Daniel left, Max took on the role of a more experienced driver within the team, as well as all the responsibilities that go with it. It has a different level of maturity and has become complete.”

Horner believes that this development of Verstappen has made it the best driver in the world.

“He is in the shape of his life and has been the best driver in the world for the last 12 months. How do I argue? It’s not in the best car, but when you look at the results from Montreal last year and some performance since then, he did not make any mistake.”

“It is natural that there is always the next generation. Lewis (Hamilton) has the benefit of experience, it is still very fast, in the best car, in a very well-oiled machine. Max is an upcoming man. Would not it be fantastic to see the two of them in direct calculation?”

“Max has a great value for us and we have to provide him a car with which he can fight for the title.”

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