Horner knows for sure: ‘Max is best driver in F1’

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SPIELBERG – Red Bull team PRINCIPAL Christian Horner was finally able to say what he had been thinking for a while after the impressive victory of Max Verstappen in the Austrian Grand Prix.

“Max is the best driver in Formula 1. I thought that for a while, but now I know for sure,” said the Brit, who couldn’t remember a better win.

“The style and manner were grandiose. He falls back at the start from place two to eight and then fights back in the race. He manages to maneuver forward and does so in a way that borders on perfection. With admiration I watched how his tires and brakes are managed and the team manages via the radio and that car runs through the race.”

The jury’s decision not to punish Verstappen for his late catch-up with Charles Leclerc was the only right decision, Horner believes. “It would have been unbearable if the stage had changed after a race like this. This was hard and fair racing between the two drivers of the future. They provide what Formula 1 needs: wheel-to-wheel fighting.”

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