Honda ”moves borders” to get Mercedes and Ferrari

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Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner says Honda is “moving the borders” to catch up with the current leading Mercedes and Ferrari engine manufacturers, and found that the upgrade engine introduced in Baku enabled them to use stronger operating modes in the race.

Honda brought the first upgrade of the season in Baku, and it was a new V6 engine, with improved reliability and performance. They spoke about the progress of up to 20 hp, and Red Bull boss Christian Horner revealed details of Honda’s upgrade. He says he can use stronger modes of operation in the race, but also that Honda is pushing the boundaries to reach the leading manufacturers Mercedes and Ferrari.

“It was positive. They had a positive race and we could use a slightly stronger mode of operation in the race. It’s all part of the evolution, “said Horner. “There were no problems with the previous engine, so we will use them on Friday for training.”

“This year, we have already planned to use more than three engines. This is part of that – they (Honda) caught Mercedes and Ferrari and therefore have to move the borders – what they are just doing. “

Red Bull struggled this year to bring his RB15 to an optimum operating range, but Horner believes that progress has been made in this field since the start of the season.

“We progressed with understanding the car. We are closer to Mercedes and Ferrari than at the beginning of the year. We had a good race in Melbourne. Max topped the majority of this race with Lewis. Bahrain was trying for us and I think he pointed to some of the things that we subsequently improved. “

“China was good, like Baku. For some of the trails that did not suit us historically, we look forward to returning to Europe and the paths that should suit us. “

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