Helmut Marko believe that the Red Bull with Verstappen is still in competition for the title

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Helmut Marko says the title is still Red Bull’s goal and believes they are still struggling for the title with Max Verstappen – although Mercedes drivers in the first four races linked four double victories.
Helmut Marko (born 27 April 1943) is an Austrian former professional racing driver and current advisor to the Red Bull Formula 1 Team and head of Red Bull’s driver development program.

Verstappen is currently fourth in the drivers’ rankings with 51 points behind Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari. The Dutchman has been driving steadily since the start of the season and has recorded three-fourth places with one third.

Although he was not in the race to win any race since the start of the season, Red Bull’s motorsport consultant says the title is still their goal and that with Verstappen he is still fighting for the title:
The title is still our goal. We’re still in the fight for the title-Max was sensational and so far he has taken the maximum number he could,” said Marko.

Earlier this year, Red Bull changed the driver’s show that Ricciardo – Verstappen had made in the previous three seasons. Marko says they knew he was going to be bothered by the builder because Gasly had to pass the adaptation period and praised Verstappen for his rally at the beginning of the season.

The Dutchman had a tough start in 2018 and the first races were filled with his incidents and mistakes. But this year it looks much more mature, which reflects on its results:
With the new driver, we knew it would be difficult in the constructor’s order. Max scored twice as many points as in the same period last year.

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