Has Corona Virus (COVID-19) Canceled Crypto?

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25 Things That Are (and Are Not!) Affected by the Virus

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe large gatherings and events have been cancelled as each country grapples with how to contain the virus.

The crypto community has been hit hard in certain ways unique to its occasionally troll-y nature — moral issues arose with the appearance of a CoronaCoin “backed by proof of death” alongside Corona Babies digital collectibles, and media outlets have run amok with headlines like “Is the Coronavirus The Black Swan Event That Crushes Cryptocurrency?” as they try to connect the virus with Bitcoin’s recent drop below $5,000. 

But most importantly to some, crypto conferences fall under the heading of those large gatherings that are being cancelled and postponed worldwide.

For those crypto conference enthusiasts, CoinMarketCap has assembled a list of the conferences in the crypto space that will (and will not!) go on in this new coronavirus era. 

Keep in mind that while some of these conferences may be cancelled for now, expect a flood of postponed conferences to be taking place in Q3 2020 and later! 

Am I cancelled yet?

  1. Consensus: Yes (but it’s going virtual)
  2. Paris Blockchain Week: Yes
  3. ANON Summit 2020: Yes
  4. The Capital: TBD
  5. Binance Fair: Yes
  6. Binance Blockchain Week Vietnam: Yes
  7. Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020: Yes
  8. BUIDL Asia: Yes
  9. Collision: Yes (but you can still attend online!)
  10. Bitcoin 2020 San Francisco: Yes
  11. DC Blockchain Summit: Yes
  12. SXSW: Yes
  13. TOKEN2049: Yes
  14. CoinMarketCap listings: Of course not!
  15. CoinMarketCap advertising: Of course not!
  16. Bitcoin Halving: Impossible

And some non-crypto events too, for taking the mood of the space.

  1. Tokyo Olympics: Not yet
  2. Coachella: Yes
  3. Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parades: Yes
  4. James Bond’s “No Time to Die”: Yes (but you can see it instead in November)
  5. Travel from Europe to the US: Yes
  6. NBA Games: Yes
  7. E3: Yes
  8. Italy: Yes
  9. Production of Netflix shows: Yes
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