Hamilton slammed for bullfighting comments

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Lewis Hamilton is facing fierce backlash from within Spain after criticising the traditional practice of bullfighting.

Although he later deleted the post, the six-time world champion reportedly said on Instagram that Spanish children being “taught to torture and kill bulls” is “truly disgusting Spain!”

“We’re asking Spain’s Ministry of Education to close bullfighting schools immediately,” the Mercedes driver, who has also been vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement recently, said.

Spanish culture and sports minister Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes hit back immediately at Hamilton’s “offensive” words about “a practice that in our country has cultural significance”.

He said the way Hamilton expressed his opposition “does not help communication and understanding”.

Famous Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera also slammed Hamilton.

“Mr Hamilton doesn’t like bullfighting. So what?” he said.

“Before you criticise someone’s culture, you should at least learn a little about what you are talking about.”

And Francisco Rivero, another bullfighter and Cayetano’s brother, told Antena 3 television: “I see it as an attack and a lack of respect for Spain, all Spaniards and our traditions.

“He has spent not even a minute of his life going to a bullfighting school to see what is taught there.”

Finally, Spanish writer and television host Fernando Sanchez-Drago said of Hamilton: “Is not a minimum of intelligence required to obtain the racing licence?”

Source: grandpx.news

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