Hamilton responds to Ecclestone: “Uneducated and ignorant statements”

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Lewis Hamilton reacted through his social media to the things Bernie Ecclestone said to CNN. In that interview, Ecclestone said that “black people are often more racist than white people”. These statements had already met with a lot of criticism, so FOM decided to disband Ecclestone. Hamilton has now also responded to the statements in question.

It’s hugely sad and disappointing to read statements like this. Bernie is no longer in the sport and comes from a different generation, but that’s exactly what’s not right. Ignorant and uneducated statements that show how far we have to go as a society before we can get real equality,” Hamilton says on Instagram.

Clearly why nothing was done before

On that medium Hamilton now shows to understand why nothing has been done against diversity in F1 in the past. “It makes complete sense to me now that nothing was said or done to make our sport more diverse or to address the racial abuse I received throughout my career“. On his Instagram the driver of Mercedes then shows one of those racist expressions.

Now is the time to change. I won’t stop continuing to create a sport with equal opportunities for all. To create a world of equal opportunity for minorities. I will continue to make my voice heard for those who are under-represented to give a chance in our sport,” Hamilton said.

Source: gpblog.com

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