Hamilton longer at Mercedes?

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Lewis Hamilton has his seventh world title in his pocket and can therefore sit down quietly with Toto Wolff. Where the team boss of Mercedes has announced that he will stay another year, for Hamilton that is not yet entirely certain.

Everyone is assuming that Lewis will extend his contract with Mercedes and all the signals also seem positive. In any case, Hamilton could be on its way to an eighth world title, especially in view of the fact that the cars of 2020 are almost the same as those of 2021. With Red Bull Racing on a reasonable margin, only Valtteri Bottas is a real competitor.

‘We certainly need to look at that now, but during the year I didn’t think it was necessary to put any extra pressure on. I have a contract. It has to be something organic and not something forced”, says the Brit about the contract negotiations with his team. To Motorsportweek.com, Hamilton said he didn’t want that extra pressure on his shoulders.

”There are days when you think ‘what if I make more mistakes now? What will happen if all of a sudden you can’t do that. I know there are risks, but I’m gambling on myself and in the meantime I know better than anyone what I can do and how to do it. Maybe better than ever.”

”That’s why I wanted to wait until I’d done my job. In the next few weeks it will probably happen now that things have calmed down a bit. We still have three races in the Middle East that I want to win. It’s not quite finished yet, but I’m sure it will be all right”, concludes Hamilton.

Source: gpblog.com; gpfans.com

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