Great race of Axcil Jefferies, car rider supported by FuturoCoin

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Axcil Jefferies had a great time while visiting Europe as a part of his racing schedule this season. During the last weekend, sports driver sponsored by FuturoCoin, finished the race on famous Nurburgring track in Germany on the 12th place among 100 other participants.

It was a 6 hours race, very demanding for drivers. Not only because of the time it lasts, but also due to the demanding conditions on the Nurburgring race track. This place leaves no room for mistakes, so if you want to achieve any remarkable result there, you must have extraordinary skills, patience and will.

In Germany, Axcil Jefferies proved once again that he has it all. He was racing the powerful Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo race car and push it to its limits. Axcil was holding the pace similar to races who were in the top 5 of this race. Unfortunately, some bad luck occurred and Axcil’s car had some breakdown which forced an unscheduled stop. That’s why Axcil Jefferies and his team eventually finished this race on 12th place, leaving behind most of the 100 drivers who also competed in Nurburgring.

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