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Hello, FutureNet world!


We are pleased to inform you that our New Back Office and New Marketing Plan are published online a few days ago. New promotional and training videos are also available to help you build your business even faster and bigger.

The Back Office is the most important function and foundation that allows your business on the FutureNet platform to grow and expand. All of us now can move forward to build a successful FutureNet 2.0.

Summary of what the FutureNet 2.0 actually has for you:

  • An improved Social Media Platform
  • New FNtalk Messenger
  • New FutureNet Cloud
  • FN Power App
  • FuturoTrader
  • FN Travel
  • Great improvements on the Marketing Plan
  • New Leadership Ranking System
  • New Rank Advancement Bonuses
  • Many Prizes

FurureNet Travel Platform

Our FutureNet Travel Portal will be available soon (expected within the month of June), as it takes additional programing to incorporate many travel services, products, and exciting rewards.

Important information for Travel Vouchers:

You will be able to exchange part or all of the Media Points you already have in your Back Office and all new Media Points you purchase, and you will receive double of the amount on Travel Vouchers.

For example, if you buy a Product Package for 10 FND, you will receive $20 Travel Voucher. And for the New Applications Package, for the price of 110 FND, you’ll receive $220 Travel Voucher.

Selecting the monthly subscription service of 99 FND, you will receive a $200 on Travel Voucher. Purchasing the higher Product Package of 1,685 FND will give you possibility to receive $3,370 on Travel Voucher.

The Travel Vouchers will help you enjoy great discounts of up to 70% on hotel accommodations and car rentals around the world.

The entire FutureNet team have worked very hard to provide you and everyone in FutureNet great new products and benefits. The FutureNet 2.0 is online and we will continue to improve it and add more features.

As we continue to send updates, regarding the FutureNet 2.0, we would like to thank you once again for your presence and we wish to invite you to ask yourself a few questions…

  • What are your goals, wishes and dreams?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 3, 6, 12, 24 months?
  • How does your life look like in the next 5 years?
  • What would you need to learn to be able to achieve the success you desire?

Only you can answer the above questions. We, in FutureNet, are committed to provide you with the products, services, benefits and support to help you convert your goals and dreams into reality.

Here are some of the new exciting updates:

1. FN Power App. This dynamic application will help you build your FutureNet Business in the most modern way. The FN Power App includes a dedicated E-Learning Academy, that contains an exclusive educational library with videos, written articles, and e-books, with access to knowledge from the best professionals and top leaders in the industry of Network Marketing.

We call it Smartphone Marketing! You can use your cell phone to access the top market and share with other people all FutureNet products and receive education 24/7.

2. Marketing Plan improvements: As FutureNet keeps growing, we created a new status to recognize and reward each person for his/her efforts and sales production as they market and share FutureNet products and services worldwide…. “ACTIVE INDEPENDENT MARKETING ASSOCIATES (IMA)” in the FutureNet business.

This status is optional, and you can choose to qualify at your discretion. This new status will allow each (IMA), to qualify for additional bonuses, recognition and incentives.

To qualify as an Independent Marketing Associate (IMA), you have to purchase the new FN Applications Pack to allow you access to the FN Power App and FuturoTrader, for only 110 FND (one time). Each (IMA) who buys the 110 FND will also receive a $200 Travel Voucher.

This FN Applications Pack at $110 is only available for the people who have purchased at least the first three Products Packs of 10 FND, 25 FND and 50 FND, or above.

For the New upcoming Independent Marketing Associates, who haven’t purchased any Product Package yet, they can select the Eco-Start 195.00 FND or the Pro-Start of 1,795 FND.

All Product Packages include the option to create Travel Voucher, by using Media Points in your account.

Also, as an (IMA) you can qualify to receive a Fast Start Bonus of 50% Commission for all YOUR NEW personally enrolled Customers and New (IMA), when they purchase their own FN Applications Pack!

After qualification, you won’t lose your commission from the team, but you should do it by July, 4th, 2019. Then the system will be closed and the commission for the first 30 days will be calculated retroactively.

You can buy packages at any time.


Power App for the Fast Start Bonus and your monthly commissions earnings on the first 3 packages of 10, 25 and 50 FND, you must meet the two basic requirements, you must be ACTIVE MARKETING ASSOCIATE.

After July 1st, 2019, the commissions will be charged in the real time system.

Fast Start Bonus for the 110 FND APP is very attractive:

1. Level 50% 55.00 FND
2. Level 10% 11.00 FND
3. Level 10% 11.00 FND
4. Level 5% 5.50 FND
5. Level 5% 5.50 FND

If you have already purchased the Three Product Packages for 10 FND, 25 FND & 50 FND, you are already ACTIVE MARKETING ASSOCIATE for the entire month of June 2019.

If you haven’t done it already, you should do it now in order to qualify.

In order to continue receiving your monthly commissions of all Customers and IMA, you must qualify two basic requirements: Be active with the FN Applications Pack and maintain a minimum monthly sales volume of $99.00 (by your personal volume), or enroll two NEW Customers or IMA every month, with a minimum of $200 combined sales volume.

As it has already been mentioned, people in your structures will still be explained on various trainings.

3. A new Ranking System in the FutureNet Marketing Plan

As a part of enhancement of the Marketing Plan, a new Leadership Ranking System has been created. You can qualify from Bronze to CHAIRMAN CLUB MEMBER, according to your achievements.

When you review the Marketing Plan, you can also see the various bonuses that you will receive for getting each item.

The rules that apply as follows:

– For each rank from Bronze to Platinum, 30, 60, 90 or 120 days are valid from the date of your registration in FutureNet.

– For the Ranks of DIAMOND to CHAIRMAN CLUB MEMBER, you can qualify in any given calendar month.

4. FutureNet EUROPE EVENT, June 29th, 2019 in Villach, Austria

Our next FutureNet Event will take place in less than 4 weeks. Come to Villach at the Lake Faak in Austria. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world with an amazingly beautiful panorama with a lake and mountains. In such amazing circumstances, you’ll be able to see your future with FutureNet.

Come to Villach and experience the Spirit of FutureNet!

Learn from the best coaches in the world how to build a strong and solid business and be successful.

FutureNet has prepared many surprises for you.

Tickets for this event are limited, so don’t hesitate.

For only $26, you’ll get a ticket and an extra Travel Voucher for $100.

We appreciate your loyalty, commitment and preference.

FutureNet Corporate Management

More updates are coming soon…

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