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That’s how the regular season in the league should be finished! In the last game before the play off round, FC Den Bosch beat Go Ahead Eagles 2:0 at home and jumped into the 4th place of the table. It means that FC Den Bosch won’t have to play in the first round of play off.

The first half of this game was quite even and both teams had it scoring chances. In FC Den Bosch, Stefano Beltrame was very dangerous and hungry for goals. Eventually, he didn’t score but helped his teammate Amine Khammas to get his piece in 43rd minute.

After the break, the guests pushed harder and once were close to tie the game. In 53rd minute, FC Den Bosch goalie Wouter van der Steendefended the penalty kick shot taken by Verheydt. It was a blow for the ambitions of guest team after which FC Den Bosch restored its advantage on the pitch. Our team wasn’t able to exchange it into goals for long time but finally, it did it. In 93rd minute, Vincent Vermeij found a way to beat the goalie of Go Ahead Eagles for the second time this evening. He also established the final result of the game as 2:0 for FC Den Bosch.

FC Den Bosch – Go Ahead Eagles 2:0 (1:0) 
Goals for FC Den Bosch:Khammas (43.), Vermeij (90.+3.)

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