Google’s YouTube Goes To War With Bitcoin

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New YouTube Crypto Ban? The Giant Started Removing Cryptocurrency-Related Videos With No Warning!

Recent reports seem to indicate that YouTube has recently carried out a channel purge, thus banning a number of cryptocurrency-related content creators. Similarly, numerous videos were flagged and taken down from the platform.

Accounts with over 200,000 subscribers have now been taken off the platform, with very little reasoning given by the Google-owned video streaming platform. Some accounts have been restricted following crypto-related live stream events. Other videos were demonetized, thus making them unable to produce ad revenue. So far, it is known that banned accounts received a standard policy violation email, whereas owners of deleted videos have received a take-down notice. This isn’t the first time YouTube carries out a ‘cleansing’ of this sort.

According to YouTube, such take-downs are the standard procedure when it comes down to dealing with ‘problematic content’. This has sparked several discussions amongst the crypto community, mostly regarding to why crypto content is regarded as problematic content by YouTube’s algorithms and decision-makers.

Banning crypto-related ads is somewhat understandable granted that there are numerous scams operating on the market, and filtering problematic ads from genuine companies is bound to be a difficult endeavour. The difference, however, is that YouTube users cannot choose which ads will be displayed. On the other hand, watching a video represents a decision that users make willingly, thus, they are solely responsible for believing potential misinformation.

Regardless, many of the banned channels features genuine content, according to viewers and video creators. Examples include relevant discussions on price fluctuations, live trading, or analysis of altcoins. YouTube’s recent purge highlights the anti-crypto trend that some corporations are a part of.


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