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During the last weekend, May 25-26th, FutureNet Banaś Racing team had a racing time in the 2nd tournament of Swift Cup Europe 2019, this time held in Austria on Salzburgring race track. 

In the qualifying session on Salzburgring, Maciek Banaś from FutureNet Banaś Racing won 4th place in 1.6 engine category. It was a good starting place before 2 races held on Sunday.

During the first one, Maciek had a bit of mixed luck. He was running well, with a chance to get into 2nd place. But suddenly, driver riding in front of him had a spin, collided with Maciek’s car and put it into the wall. It caused several minor damages of the car of our driver and forced him to get into the pitstop.

Luckily, FutureNet Banaś Racing crew managed to repair the car fast. But there was another obstacle. Due to his crash in race 1, in the second race of the day, Maciek had to start from the last position. But it doesn’t stop him. Maciek drove well and managed to finish on the 5th position in his racing class.

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