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MADE FOR Restaurant’s gastronomic and business conferences have been exceptionally successful in education and networking in the last two years. This is the best gastronomic event in Poland according to the Jury of Poland Best 100 Restaurants. 1350 participants, 90 experts and 67 business and media partners took part in previous conferences. MADE FOR Restaurant is a project created together with the market. We listen to praise and criticism, we develop the program and the formula, we evolve with every meeting. Our philosophy is inscribed in successive development.

This year is a great step forward, freshness of topics, special guests from Poland and Europe, a richer formula and internationalization of the concept, and above all, special substantive, business, media and organizational partners.

The theme of this year’s editions is:

Innovation in gastronomy: business or provocation?

We will look at its significance and the value it brings in the context of enterprise development, team building, marketing and technology.

During the year we visit the four largest Polish agglomerations. This time, we invite you to Wroclaw on June 24th.

Why is it worth taking part 
in the conference


  • Gamification – as an innovative approach to the employee and other new management trends.
  • Education and training – how to train employees to make the guest feel welcome in our place? Can emotional intelligence be learned?
  • Building employee loyalty – what to do, then not to “lose” the employee in whom we have invested our time and financial resources?
  • Continuation of discussions about employees of the “young generation” – how to disentangle the image of “millenialsa” as an employee and additionally enjoy the cooperation with him? Is it even possible? How to deal with the young generation, which is the future of our restaurants?


  • Product marketing – how to understand a new idea for wine and whether the label eco, vegan, biodynamic is another marketing idea and maybe must be in your wine list?
  • Gastrofizyka – whether changing the cutlery to a heavier one or changing the type of lighting can make the dish taste more to our guest?
  • Neuromarketing – whether thanks to knowledge from the field of neuromarketing, we can compose a menu that will bring more guests to us?
  • A creative approach to restaurant promotion. How to use the alcohol offer to bring business success?

 News from the “big world”

  • Personal Branding – how to be among the best restaurants in Poland and the world? Is it worth striving for this? Does the title from the 50 Best Chapter have a business or only image dimension?
  • Innovative products and trends. Temporary fashion or “must-have”, which will provide restaurants to new customers?
  • Win World. What in the wine industry is behind the biodynamic, eco, vege slogans and how do Polish consumers perceive this?

 Sales and management

  • E-commerce – how to find yourself in the growing offer of on-line booking systems? How does it look in Poland and in the world? Is it worth investing in it?
  • Increase in profitability and better time management. How applications can help in the daily management of the restaurant and bring a whole range of benefits, including financial.
  • Co-creation. How to use the potential of cooperation on the planes – client, employee, partner?

The theme of this year’s 
MADE FOR Restaurant meetings

Innovations in gastronomy – business or provocation?


“Companies that grow thanks to development and improvements will not die. But when a company ceases to be creative, when it believes that it has achieved perfection and now it has to only produce – after it. “
Henry Ford


We are sure that in the innovative, innovative and creative thinking in the field of marketing, management and sales lies the future of every company and every business. Of course, not every innovation is worth introducing into your own business – but knowing about its existence allows you to make conscious decisions and choices and to understand the market in which we have to function. 

We can see that in the world much attention is being given to the aspects of “non-culinary” gastronomy – people, technologies, care for the environment and transparency count. Such thinking is close to us and that is why our meetings are not about cooking, although food is the center of attention, but about business in our industry: ethical, profitable and exciting.

We collect inspirations about the topics discussed at the conference by observing and collecting the experience of Polish and international experts / practitioners. We will look at every issue globally, but we will adapt it to local needs. 

Observing the world, we see that the gastronomic industry in each country has a different specifics, but what unites foreign markets is a common goal – improving standards, continuous development and reaching a higher level. And this is the goal of MADE FOR Restaurant. 

Take part in the conference and decide for yourself whether innovations are the future or the provocation and which innovations you want to introduce to your business. 

Agnieszka Małkiewicz, President of the Board for For Solutions

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