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How it’s working?

FuturoPay is the shortest and easiest way to let your business enter payment with digital currencies, more precisely FuturoCoin (FTO). It is an application that will help you make instant transactions with cryptocurrencies. It is also a great comfort for your clients.

The payment system that allows you to pay in FTO is very quick and easy to use. You only need a smartphone to make a purchase. FuturoPay converts different currencies into the FTO at the current exchange rate and generates a QR code. Just scan it with your smartphone and the funds will be transferred. Transactions are independent of financial institutions and the money goes directly from the client to you. Security is ensured by the latest technology used in the application. The amount transferred will be immediately in your account. 
It’s easy!

What our application can do

Quick payment

FuturoPay allows your customers to pay in FuturoCoin. Funds transferred instantly go to your account. Instantly!

Secure transactions

Transactions are independent of financial institutions and the money goes directly from the client to you. Security is ensured by the latest technology used in the application.

Payment of the future

You can receive the payment anytime, anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly popular means of payment, and the number of stores that accept this type of payment increases every day.

What we do?

We believe that cryptocurrencies are the future. E-currencies can become the domain of not only traders and miners. With the help of appropriate tools, they have a chance to become an easy to use, transparent and efficient method of payment all over the world, in every place. FuturoPay is one of those tools that we want to constantly develop and improve. It is an application that will greatly facilitate the process of accepting and executing transactions via cryptocurrencies. In addition, the only tool needed for this is the smartphone itself! We provide reliability, efficient operation and instant transfer of funds transferred.

Marek Rachimowicz

Marek Rachimowicz, 39 years old

At the beginning I was afraid to enter the cryptocurrency payment. It sounded quite complicated. It turned out that the application is easy to use. Payments are fast and easy. If you have any questions, the company is very helpful. Thanks to the application, I gained many new clients who were very keen on the possibility of paying cryptocurrencies.

Owner of a construction shop

Marta Żechacka

Marta Żechacka, 32 years old

Fantastic thing. The possibility of paying cryptocurrencies is a huge convenience for customers. And there is no great philosophy here. Just scan one code and that’s it. Everything is secure and efficient.


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Krzysztof Aramus, 23 years old

Działa spoko. Świetnie, że coraz więcej miejsc przyjmuje ten system. Fajne uczucie, gdy idziesz do restauracji czy sklepu i możesz płacić kryptowalutami. Jak dla mnie to rynek przyszłości.


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