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FuturoCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies, which have great potential and are set to conquer the market. The most important thing, which differs FTO from many other digital assets, is efficiency. Every action taken by FuturoCoin is set to improve the performance of the coin.

Have you noticed that it has been only 15 months since FuturoCoin started? Yes, that is right. It took only a little more than a year to achieve so much. Why did we do that? We put a great amount of work and dedication in everything we do. The most important thing for us is to be efficient.

To upgrade a proven solution

FuturoCoin is very similar to Dash, another global cryptocurrency. It is created on the same basis. Dash has been on the cryptocurrency market for over 4 years now. It is a proven solution in the crypto industry. FTO team decided to use the Dash’s code and upgrade it. So, FuturoCoin takes the best from Dash and adds some more innovative ideas on top of that. FuturoCoin is just an improved, newer and simply better version of Dash. It is faster, more efficient, safer and more transparent. The creators of FTO decided to develop their own blockchain dedicated especially to their currency. They made sure that their cryptocurrency will be working based on the best, most suitable technology for it.

Simply put: FuturoCoin is still relatively new, but an already proven solution with many upgrades. Because of that, it attracts so many new crypto enthusiasts and is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world.

Not only currency

FuturoCoin is much, much more than just a coin, though. It is the whole platform for everybody. The team behind cryptocurrency understands that only with constant development, the currency can become the number one cryptocurrency in the industry.

First, there were airdrops and competitions. FuturoCoin takes care of its users. Many times in the past, the FTO team gave away its coins to the community. Still, there will be other competitions, where you will be able to win free FTOs.

Next, FuturoCoin set up FuturoCoin Academy, a place where everybody can gain basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies, trading, the blockchain technology, mining, and many more crypto-relate topics.

Then, FuturoCoin team organized a FuturoCoin Conference, one of the biggest crypto and blockchain events in Central Europe. Experts from all around the world gathered to give presentations and talk with the participants.

Finally, FuturoCoin made headlines, when the cryptocurrency became a sponsor of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. It is the very first that kind of a deal in history. For the first time, a cryptocurrency sponsors an F1 team.

So, FuturoCoin is a great cryptocurrency with a bright future. It does much more than other digital assets to be recognized across the whole world. FTO in one year has done many exciting things. Wait to see, what the FTO team is going to do next.

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