The operation of the mining package in Futuro.Network is similar to the activities of the so-called “miners” of cryptocurrencies, with the exception that the user does not have to worry about the cost of maintaining the service and the operation of the purchased package. Each of the mining packages has a specific cryptocurrency extraction power, which is evident during the purchase of the appropriate package. The lifespan of the mining package is two years from the moment of purchase and activation on the user’s account. The FuturoCoin update is automatic and occurs every 1 minute.

Mining packages:

100$, 250$, 500$, 1000$, 5000$, 10.000$, 25.000$
The best in this job is that you will participate in the MARKETING PLAN with any opened mining package, how you will be able to earn over your structure also.

Today’s world of e-commerce undoubtedly cannot wait for such a long time with delivering the goods. FuturoCoin is created for resolving this problem and guarantees instant transactions with the constant fees at the competing level.

FuturoCoin is cryptocurrency which combines proven solutions with innovative DASH technology. FuturoCoin is a new digital cryptocurrency that is created to guarantee instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world with the constant low transaction fees. FuturoCoin uses save peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

FuturoCoin like Bitcoin uses this technique to sign the transaction. In essence, it means that every public key is derived from its corresponding private keys and FuturoCoin is assigned to a public key. To make to make a transaction the owner needs to use his/her private key to authenticate the ownership of FuturoCoin assigned to a corresponding public key.

DASH is a rapidly growing community consisting of developers, marketers, merchants and traders. It is based on Bitcoin source code. DASH gives many benefits which are mentioned in following points.

Two-tiered Network

Unlike Bitcoin’s single-tier network where all processes are performed by nodes, Dash is the first cryptocurrency to introduce masternodes as a second layer of nodes. Masternodes and ordinary peers are equal in their connection behavior, forming a classical P2P network.

FuturoCoin Tokens

There will be 100.000.000 FuturoCoins in existence. Considering the dynamic development of the company and the potential carried by over a 5 million community engaged in this project, the developers decided to mine 30 million FuturoCoins in the first block after the Genesis Block, which then will be used for promotion and other marketing purposes.

The main goal is to bring FuturoCoin to the top of its category, and that is why they have considered important to support and reward active users. It would be impossible to build a strong and successful b strong and successful brand without people involved. The wide space for everyone that has been created and the people who will use FuturoCoin will be the best showcase of this cryptocurrency.

The time needed to mine all the coins is set to 10 years. Difficulty retargets use Dark Gravity Wave algorithm. New blocks will be mined every minute on average. Considering all the remaining amount of coins to be mined, 70.000.000, and time parameters, every block will be rewarded by 13,31811263 FuturoCoins. The emission rate is constant – no halving reward blocks or any other events that could change coins issuance. All blocks are minded by ordinary nodes only, not by masternodes.

As the FuturoCoin is limited to 100 million coins, it would mean that if divided equally then there would be less than 35 coins available per member as soon as FutureNet has reached 3 million members.

FuturoCoin Conclusion

One advantage that FuturoCoin has over most of its competitors is that it already has a significant number of users from its parent company FutureNet. Apart from the fact of having such a strong team, it is very important to emphasize the vision and the future plans that go along with FuturoCoin.

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