Futuro Coin (FTO)

In January of 2018 FuturoCoin entered the market. Once again, our concept met with great results and quickly became one of the top cryptocurrencies.

To cope up with this fast progress of the economy we developed an extraordinary idea of “FuturoCoin”. The market is demanding faster and more secure coins which can be utilized for all market transactions and are time and security sensitive. Since FuturoCoin aims to remove the current barriers in the cryptocurrency, it will open new doors in the economy which makes this a  perfectly timed coin and technology for the market. We developed a  user-friendly and secure digital currency to create a  world which is faster and smarter which uses cryptography to secure the transactions, do not need any institution which settles the transactions and is borderless.

We have used Dash as a  codebase for FuturoCoin. Dash is a  cryptocurrency which aims to become an on-chain scalable currency and is the first currency which is a decentralised & have autonomous system. FuturoCoins exceptional idea for the impending future of cryptocurrency is to combine proven solutions with innovative technology. We are proud of ourselves to be in this sector where we can shape the world by making it smarter and secure. FuturoCoin have a clear vision of the future plans and will emphasize on building a  strong team from your support to create a  world more opportunistic and organized. “Crowd is Powerful“ During dictatorship people were not happy because of their king’s dominating and selfish attitude. In that scenario people had least control over their finances and lives. So, people replaced dictatorship with democracy where they will have power to choose governing authority which can give control on their lives and they can choose main operational authority as government. So that, across the world government can manage finances of people across the globe responsibly. In this era, people are not happy even with the government because it is corrupted and again taking the shape of dictatorship. So, people have decided to take direct control of their finances and operational activities by the use of blockchain and its currency.

You can currently trade FTO in those exchanges:

You can read more information about FuturoCoin and its history on this PAGE or on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

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