FutureNet Wallet

FNWallet is an electronic wallet on which the user can keep his FTO cryptocurrency, make transactions (send and receive FTOs) and generate new addresses of the electronic wallet for the FTO.

Most common questions about this wallet:

1. What is the commission for FNWallet transactions?
– The commission for the FNWallet transaction is 0.00060000 FTO. Users can add up to 10 recipients to whom their can send the FTO while paying for the commission only once.

2. How to transfer FuturoCoins from FNWallet to outer wallet?
– All you need to do is enter the “SEND” tab and enter the address you want to send the FTO into, and their amount, then confirm with the “SEND” button.

3. How can I transfer FuturoCoins from FuturoNetwork to FNWallet?
– After logging in to FuturoNetwork select the “Transfer to FNwallet” option. This option will appear when FuturoNetwork has funds ready to be sent.

You can log in to FNWallet here.

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