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We are a price comparison shopping, daily deals and travel website. We help our members quickly find the best available deals, by comparing the prices of 1000’s of retailers and 100’s travel suppliers for you. We collate the databases of millions of products and thousands of suppliers so you don’t have to.

When you decide which product or deal you would like to purchase, you click through directly to the supplier’s website. Your transaction will take place directly with the retailer, deal provider or travel supplier after that stage. If you have any problems, disputes or questions with an order you should contact the supplier directly.

Does FutureNet INC. search every retailer, deal provider and travel suppliers on the web?

No. However, we search the databases of literally thousands of the top retail websites which in most cases will offer the best deals available online. Using the FutureNet INC. service saves valuable time and money by easily and quickly being able to identify the best product and price.

We are continually adding more retailers and deals to offer what we believe will become the ultimate – one stop website to help our members get the best deals.

How frequently are the prices updated on FutureNet INC.?

The prices on our site are currently updated daily to ensure our members are always seeing the best deals. The retailers and travel suppliers we list provide continual updates about the product for sale, including the price. If you occasionally discover a price discrepancy, the price displayed on the retailer website will be the correct one you will have to pay. There is no need to contact FutureNet INC. to let us know as the price will be updated in our database in our daily update.

How does FutureNet INC. make money?

When members see a product they are interested in and you click through to the retailer, deal or travel supplier’s website, the supplier pays us a small referral fee, referred to more commonly as an affiliate commission when a purchase for a product or service is made. With the money we receive from these referral fees we continually re-invest back into our websites and ever growing services to provide our members with a valuable resource.

Why are some prices incorrect?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to update all prices stated on our website in real-time. Therefore the prices may have changed since the last update and before entering into any purchase agreement, you should check directly with the retailer that all information is up to date and correct.

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