FutureNet Sailing Team

This is a team that was created out of two loves: to sail and to compete. The team has three men for whom sailing is a true passion. Sailors supported by FutureNet Sailing Team always fight for victory – regardless of the rank of the competition. Individual Polish Championship in Pszczyna? Or maybe Polish Micro Yacht Championship in Szczecin? FutureNet Sailing Team participated in these competitions (as well as in many others), competing with other sailing wolves.
This is the idea for this team: to try strength in various races, to develop and take the next step to take place among the best sailing teams in Poland.
In September 2018, FutureNet Sailing team made a great step in its sports career. The team won the Polish Championship! It was a celebration of Polish sailing. The competition started on August 31 and finished on September 3 and was held in Pszczyna. On the first day, the weather wasn’t good enough for sailors to compete. But on Saturday, FutureNet Sailing gave a great performance. On that day, 5 races in total were held. Our team finished 2, 1, 2, 4 and 2 place respectively. Due to these results, they finished first during the entire competition!

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