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We believe that a successful investment is based on communication and meetings. The perfect combination of best quality coffee, flavorful appetizers, delicious desserts and healthy food creates in FutureNet Café these positive and unique emotions for every meeting. Here you can integrate your ways of finding business partners. Meet people with whom you already cooperate online and establish new relationships.
FutureNet Café provides a functional space for social or business meetings. We ensure the comfort and ergonomics for working in an intimate atmosphere and the possibility of enjoying our unique menu recommendations. Everyone will feel exceptionally good in the elegant and representative interior of our café. Business meeting? A conversation about the common project? Chilling out after work or meal à deux? — FutureNet Cafe is the perfect place for any occasions. We also offer the possibility of using the conference room suitable up to 16 people.
The aroma of freshly roasted coffee creates a unique atmosphere for each and every meeting, In FutureNet Café we take care about an excellent aroma of each cup. Grains of our individually selected Gran Gusto, Intenso and Sublime mixtures come from fair trade plantations from regions of Santos, Colombia, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India. Grains are roasted in Italy, we grind them and brew using the most modern in the world pressure hybrid coffee maker.

FutureNet Café is the perfect place for any type of meeting. If you are already using the FutureNet platform – meet here with other network users. You don’t know FutureNet, yet? Get to know us and join the community! We are active online and offline, and we are also available on the Web and onsite at FutureNet Café.
Each person we’ve met is a communicative challenge for us. We talk over coffee, at lunch, with locally brewed beer. We also seek contacts online. Thanks to the FutureNet social platform, we’re expanding communication possibilities using innovative communication tools on the Web.
We’re looking for creative solutions and cooperation possibilities. FutureNet Café is constantly growing. Do you want to share an intriguing idea with us? Let us see your potential and cooperate with us! Have you ever dreamed about your own Café? Satisfying investment? Place, where guests could savour each cup of coffee and at the same time find some space to discuss their business? We offer the strong support by opening a franchising coffeehouse. Contact us via e-mail: franchising@fncafe.com.
We believe that communication and cooperation is the key not only to success but also to good relationships. We focus on specific people and their skills. We appreciate diversity and creativity. We are convinced that such a combination creates positive emotions.
We feel shared responsibility for the world around us. In the places where we operate, we join local initiatives. We support the development of culture and sport. We are looking for new challenges. We believe that an active community is not just built on the financial level, but also through the social commitment.

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