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Only one more victory and FutureNet Maribor will advance to the grand final of the futsal league in Slovenia. On Friday, April 12th, our team beat FC Litija 9:2 and increased its lead on aggregate to 2:0. The competition in the semi-final will be held to 3 wins, so – as you can see – FutureNet Maribor needs just one more step.

It was a great match of the team from Maribor. Our players have achieved a high form in the key moment of the season, and a clear victory 9:2 with FC Litija in the second semi-final match is the best proof. Any questions about the final score were answered after the first half. During the first 20 minutes, FutureNet Maribor build the 3:0 lead thanks to the goals of Matej FidersekTeo Turk and Milos Stojković.

In the first minutes of the 2nd half, FC Litija tried to tie the game. After the goals of Kazic and Rucna, our team was leading only 3:2. But then, the intense shooting started. Stojković hit another 2 goals, Jeremy Bukovec scored twice, and the final result was established to 9:2 by Uros Kroflic and Rok Rednak.

On Tuesday, April 16th, the competition between these 2 team will move to the Litija city. But the mental advantage is on FutureNet Maribor’ side after a crushing win in game 2. In addition, FC Litija players will have to face a high pressure as the team loses 0:2 on aggregate. FutureNet Maribor is also very focused on reaching the spot in the great finale, and thanks to many experienced players, our team will not let go the high advantage easily. That’s why it will be very surprising if our team don’t win the promotion in the upcoming game against FC Litija on Tuesday.FutureNet Maribor – FC Litija 9:2 (3:0)Goals for FutureNet Maribor:Fidersek (1.), Turk (9.), Stojković (17., 34., 35.), Bukovec (33., 39.), Kroflić (36.), Rednak (38.).

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