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One of the most important parts of the season for FutureNet Maribor will start on Friday, April 5. On this day, our team will launch its campaign to win the Slovenian futsal champion title. FC Litija will be the rival of FutureNet Maribor just before the great final. 

In the quarterfinals FutureNet Maribor and FC Litija beat their rivals quickly and as expected. FutureNet Maribor defeated Siliko Mkersmanc 2:0, and the same competition between FC Litija and KMN Bronx Skofije ended with the same aggregate score.

Everything indicates that the fight between FutureNet Maribor and FC Litija in the semi-final will be more even. Most of all, the second (FutureNet Maribor) and third (FC Litija) team of the regular season in the Slovenia futsal league will face in direct competition. In the first stage of the competition, FutureNet Maribor defeated FC Litija twice, each time without any bigger problems. In November 2018 our team won 4:2, and in February 2019 both teams’ match ended with the result 9:3 for FutureNet Maribor.

FC Litija is a team led by three very talented players. In the regular season, Gasper Vrhovec was its leading scorer with 22 goals. Borut Rucna added 15 hits and Denis Ramic scored 12 goals. The team from the Litija, Slovenia was also the third most efficient in the league with 82 goals scored in total. It’s the advantage with which the players of FutureNet Maribor must be very careful on the pitch.

In the quarter-final against Siliko Mkersmanc, several players of FutureNet Maribor (Matej FidersekJaka SovdatJosip Jurić) gave a sample of their increasing form. It’s a good message for the team and also a good sign before the fight with FC Litija in the semi final. And it all allows believing that FutureNet Maribor will win in this duel against FC Litija and be promoted to the great final.Semi-final of Slovenian futsal extraleague, game 1: FutureNet Maribor – FC Litija Friday, April 5, start: 8 p.m. CET in Maribor, Slovenia

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