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A very good start to the playoffs in the futsal league in Slovenia for FutureNet Maribor! In the first quarter-final match, our team beat KMN Oplast Kobarid 7:2 and took a big step towards the promotion to the semi-final.

In this phase of the season, the competition will be held until one of the teams secures 2 wins. And that’s why FutureNet Maribor has already done half of the work needed to play in the semi-final. In the game against KMN Oplast Kobarid, our team showed great quality on the pitch, and also offensive power. The 7:2 result speaks for itself.

FutureNet Maribor was the favorite of this match, and after the 1st half showed that these expectations were right. After 20 minutes of play, our team led 3:0. It was Turk, Jurić and Kroflić who secured a safe advantage for FutureNet Maribor. In the 2nd half, our team didn’t slow down. Sovdat added 2 goals to the total score, Jurić scored his next goal, Fidersek was signed his name into scorers list. And that was it, as KMN Oplast was able to answer only with goals of Ursic and Aleksic. Both goals for the visiting team were scored in the final minutes and coulnd’t change the scenario of this game.

Play off, round 1, game 1: FutureNet Maribor – KMN Oplast Kobarid 7:2 (3:0)Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Turk (1.), Jurić (6., 37.), Kroflić (12.), Sovdat (22., 33.), Fidersek (38.).

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