FutureNet Las Palmas

One of the best features of football is that it’s very easily accessible. You need just a ball, good shoes to play comfortable, a pitch and mates to share your passion. Then you can devote yourself to the fun and feel like the best players in the world. And it’s even better to compete with different teams.
In Russia, there’s an amateur football league which connects passion with great brands from the world of football. It’s called just AFL – Amateur Football League and has its branches in many cities in Russia. One of them is AFL Yoshkhar-Ola. This league belongs to teams imitating best teams from the Primera Division (Spain). Among them, you will find FutureNet Las Palmas – a team sponsored and supported by FutureNet.
FutureNet Las Palmas team was established in 2016. Since then, have been doing quite good during their sports adventure. In the 2016/2017, it finished at 3rd place. In Copa del Rey 2017/2018, they finished 4th. The team includes 24 players.
It’s also worth to mention that AFL league has its branches outside Russia: in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Moldova.

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