FutureNet Imperium Katowice

Sport teaches that small dreams can lead to the path to great successes. The FutureNet Imperium Katowice women handball team proved that hard work and following the set goal brings awesome results.
In 2018, the FutureNet Imperium Katowice’ women handball team advanced to the Polish 1. league and now there’s only one step to be taken to advance to Superleague – the highest in Poland. This success came five years after the foundation of the club and the road  from the lowest league. In the key season, the team went through a league like a storm, winning 17 games in a row. This shows how large was the dominance of the FutureNet Imperium Katowice: it doesn’t happen often to have such a long winning streak.
The team from Katowice also has an idea how to permanently enter the landscape of Polish handball. That’s why it trains young players: both boys and girls. The coaches want to raise young, talented players who can get to the Polish national team in the future.

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