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It’s time to say goodbye. Women handball team FutureNet Imperium Katowice will clash with TS MKS San Jarosław in its last game of the season of Polish 1st league. This game will decide on which position in the table our team will finish the season.

Before this season, FutureNet Imperium has never played in such high league. And when you’re a newbie among experienced teams, the first season might be hard. But our players have done a great job in the last couple of months. FutureNet Imperium climbed into the 2nd place a long time ago and so far, none of its rivals hasn’t been able to throw it down.

In the last 2 series of games, our team slowed down the pace a little bit and lost both matches. FutureNet Imperium hasn’t had such a losing streak before this season. And now, our players must win with TS MKS San Jarosław to be sure that nobody will take away the 2nd place from them at the end of the season. The math is simple: our team has 47 points and is second, while UKS Varsovia Warsaw is third with 43 points and is also hungry for this little success which definitely will be securing the runner-up title. That’s why FutureNet Imperium must win on Saturday – not only to say “Thank you” to its fans with pride, but also to be sure that it won’t lost the 2nd place.

Luckily for our team, its closest rival hasn’t showed too much throughout the season. TS MKS San Jarosław is currently on the 10th place among 12 teams with 12 points and only 4 wins in 20 games. It’s also worth to mention that MKS San Jarosław so far has lost 633 goals which is the second-worst result of the league.

It seems that TS MKS San Jarosław runs a little bit to short with assets to beat FutureNet Imperium Katowice. The brightest star of the team is Wiktoria Kostuch who scored 126 goals in 19 games and is among the top 10 scores of the league. But the rest players of the team from Jarosław don’t have such a impressive stats – especially when compared to the numers on which players from FutureNet Imperium have worked during the season. That’s why we expect a win of FutureNet Imperium on Saturday and the best possible “Goodbye!” to this amazing season.

FutureNet Imperium Katowice – TS MKS San Jarosław,
Saturday, April 27th,

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