FutureNet Foundation

FutureNet Foundation was set up to support innovative and extraordinary, as well as bold solutions. Medicine and technology are the areas in which we decided to be present and create a better future together with you.

Our idea is to develop projects for breakthroughs and epochal discoveries. By supporting the development of knowledge and technology, we would like to transfer them from the laboratories to our future, so that each of us can use the achievements of science tangibly.

FutureNet Foundation wants to actively participate in creating a series of projects, supporting unconventional and significant scientific and social initiatives.


FutureNet Foundation has a great privilege of announcing the beginning of its cooperation with IIMSAM and the United Nations! We are immensely proud of starting this collaboration of the highest global level! As a foundation bringing others help our goal is to expand horizons and reach out to more and more people. Changing their lives for the better.

On 27th June 2018 in Dubai the FutureNet/IIMSAM partnership event took place. During its course founders of FutureNet Roman Ziemian and Stephen Morgenstern, received from Mr. Remigio Maradona, secretary-general of IIMSAM, special Appreciation Certificates. This meeting was also attended by IIMSAM’s Global Goodwill Ambassador – Tunisian rap star K2rhym.

The main goal of this cooperation is to fight cancer and combat a global problem of malnutrition. As Mr. Maradona admits “I firmly believe that association with IIMSAM can add value to FutureNet Foundation by adding another dimension to it”.


We focus on the innovative solutions in medicine. Technological development enables inventive ways to save health and life. Researchers make breakthroughs every day – we want to be apart of their activities. Prostheses printed spatially in 3D technology, specialistic medical equipment that enables Foundation’s wards to move efficiently and communicate with the world – these are the areas in which we develop our activities. The health of children whose condition requires immediate intervention is our priority.


A characteristic feature of the modern economy is its attitude towards innovative solutions. At the FutureNet Foundation, we are well aware that well-used knowledge and technology is a chance for a healthy and happy society. Supporting breakthrough technological projects, as well as entrepreneurial attitudes of young scientists will form the clou of our activities.

More information can be found on this website!

Our partners:

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