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Kubuś was born with HLHS. It’s a syndrome of hypoplasia of the left ventricle – one of the most severe heart defects.

Luckily, it can be corrected by performing several operations that will allow the right ventricle to take over the functions of the left. Kuba has to undergone three open-hearted surgeries, without them he has no chance to survive. He was qualified for surgery at the University Clinic in Műnster, Germany where outstanding cardiologist, prof. Malec works.

However, the operation is very expensive. So FutureNet Foundation covered the missing amount for the first operation, which Kubuś bravely passed just a few days after birth. In November, Kubuś successfully underwent a second heart surgery. This time the Foundation also covered the missing funds

Together we can save the lives… together we can change the world.

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