Why do people join networking business? Because they want to pay money? Surely not, they come because they want to earn money. We at FutureNet have developed a perfect solution.
Everybody needs to invest their own money only ONCE, but still has the chance to make long-term earnings! This fact should be in the centre of attention in each of your

The FutureNet marketing plan is one of the most lucrative of its kind in the entire network marketing industry. Nowhere else will you have the chance to develop your own business in such a simple way and with such a brilliant remuneration system.
In this starter folder, we just want to touch upon a few important highlights of our marketing plan. The most important arguments for your presentation are:

  • You invest your own money only ONCE, but you generate a permanent passive income
  • You earn money already as a Free Member, with the Social Media Bonus and the Sales Bonus – down to 10 levels within the organisation
  • Exciting non-cash prices including smartphones and a Porsche Panamera
  • Up to 90% cash distribution
  • 50% Matching Bonus
  • Regular special promotions

Your business certainly will fulminate – if you are able to show that you got a free car, many new partners will want to join you. Start to motivate and concentrate yourself on the non-cash prizes already now. Take a test drive with the Audi of your dreams. Discuss a plan with your sponsor, how and when you want to reach the different non-cash prizes. And then have a look at the qualification requirements for the Porsche Panamera. Go and visit a Porsche showroom, touch YOUR Panamera and imagine how it will feel once it will stand in your garage! Tell all your friends that you will own a Panamera in a certain period of time X. Tell them all, that you can help them to also get hold of fantastic noncash prizes, drive an Audi and finally get a new Porsche from
our company.

There are 6 positions in the matrix. The first three are named

  • Product Member (10$ MEMBER , 25$ BASIC and 50$ GOLD)
    and the other three are
  • Business Member (100$ EXCLUSIVE, 500$ SAPPHIRE or 1.000$ ROYAL)
    Under each position name, the value is indicated. Positions are bought in a row, you can first buy a Member position, then Basic, etc. What is their meaning will be found in the above mentioned documents.

M A T R I X:

Member Basic Gold Exclusive Sapphire Royal

Important for you: if you want to start in the GOLD position, you need to already own the MEMBER and BASIC memberships. The start as a GOLD member therefore costs 85$ as a single payment (10+25+50$). By recommending our products and the FutureNet business, you can make good money already as a Product Member! You can have your remuneration paid out or create pay codes that you may sell to new members. Your new members may then pay their upgrade with these codes. You may also use your income for upgrading to higher positions. Example: you started as a MEMBER with 10$ and later earned 25$. You may now upgrade to the BASIC
position. This example applies to all positions. If you want to develop your own business with FutureNet, we recommend to immediately start in one of the business positions. Here, the same rule applies. If you choose to start as Royal, you are required to activate all other positions. The ROYAL
membership therefore requires a one-time payment of 1.685$ (10+25+50+100+500+1.000$). The brilliant news is that you now own a sufficient amount of Media Points for the products. What is more, you earn money in all 6 marketing plans!!! Do you want to develop your own business with FutureNet? OK, then start minimum as an EXCLUSIVE member with 185$. Even better would be a start as SAPPHIRE with 685$ and the best option is to choose the ROYAL position with 1.685$.
If you understand the whole potential of FutureNet and if you simply comprehend the earning potential, you will see immediately that the one-time investment of 185$ to 1685$ is the best decision ever. As an alternative, you can start in any position of your choice and use your income for upgrades.

Active members who want to work and develop the network also to free members who only use FutureNet for entertainment, should share this business opportunity with their future members regardless of whether the new ones have decided themselves as active or passive

It was defined that the system in the matrix is ​​3 × 3
That is, after you register the first three paid members, the others automatically go under them, filling out the free places in the matrix. They are, of course, your direct members and you are calculated, but are ranked under your first free member, not filling in the place for his three direct members that should have them. In the matrix or structure of your structure, only those members who have bought the corresponding position are shown, and the value of the position determines the matrix in which they will be positioned. Each of the above six positions is a private matrix.
For each of those matrixes we get Media Points, which we can exchange for online products, buy cheaper products branded with FutureNet logo or even buy cheaper coffee in the FutureNet cafe.

The most important are bonuses which we get:

We get 5% from every person who goes to our position in matrix and it can be our direct, indirect person or totally random “parachuter”. We receive 5% of the payment to any of our members in depth up to 10 levels. It’s called FRIENDS BONUS.

It’s an additional bonus from the company for building of the structure and our direct partners. It depends on the matrix which we have. From our direct partner who earns commission from Friends Tree Bonus, we can get an additional provision from 10-50% of his income.
The optimal version of the matrix for those who want to actively build this business will be  $100 matrix. This is mainly due to the fact that we get 50% Matching Bonus (active building of the matrix instead of waiting for “parachuters” maybe very cost-effective for us).
It is a bonus for earning over your direct members. How much you will earned your direct member you will receive % of their earnings. % Depends primarily on the position you purchased in the Matrix.
On the other hand, increasing your payments will result in more % of your member’s income. According to this, your earnings depend on: Your investment in the Matrix, depending on which position you have purchased.

Percentage of income from your direct members.
10 $ – 10%, 25 $ – 20%, 50 $ – 30%, 100 $ – 50%, 500 $ – 50%, 1000 $ – 50%
Practically it looks like this: You bought a $ 10 and $ 25 matrix. From any of your direct members you have 20% of his income. If you have bought a $ 50 and $ 100 matrix (or when you do it), you will have 50% of their income.

  • The optimal investment in the Matrix is ​​$ 185, buying positions of 10, 25, 50 and $ 100. With this start from the very beginning you will have an activated system of 50% earnings from your members in the form of MATCHING BONUS that we have explained.

Leader bonus is for people who actively build their structures and they did proper turnover for the company. With Leader Bonus you can achieve your income from the whole structure without limit in depth, from the 1st level to infinity.
The percentage of your income depends on your qualifications. If your personal partner also qualifies for Leader Bonus, then you earn % difference between levels.
Example: If you qualify for 4% Leader Bonus and your personal partner qualifies for 2% Leader Bonus, then you earn 2% with no limit on the levels! From the remaining groups, you still earn 4% of their turnover. Depending on turnover and qualification of our partners at certain levels, we may receive 1 to 7% of the pool in the World Pool.

  1. Prizes
    Another extra bonus which can motivate us to building a business are material rewards from mobile phones to tours and cars. It’s just a brief show of bonuses. If you want to know more, you can check the MARKETING PLAN or MAGAZINE.


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