FutureNet Card

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This new product will be an example of practical implementation of the key principal on which FutureNet has been founded: to connect online and offline world. With FutureNet Card, you’ll be able to use it and pay with it anywhere you want. And it’s also worth to mention that this card will be connected with FutureNet.

Watch the webinar led by Robert Velghe.

Live broadcast 2019-04-14 14:00 (25 min)

  • 8:00 PM Hong Kong / Macau
  • 9:00 PM Tokyo / Seoul
  • 7:00 PM Bangkok
  • 4:00 PM Dubai
  • 3:00 PM Moscow
  • 2:00 PM Berlin / Warsaw
  • 1:00 PM London
  • 9:00 AM Rio de Janeiro
  • 8:00 AM New York
  • 5:00 AM Los Angeles
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