Future Red Bull takes an important turn on Monday after Portugal

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Red Bull Racing will be without power in 2022. Honda pulls the plug on the F1 project and Red Bull Racing has it covered. Rumours are flying around in the paddock about what Red Bull Racing is going to do now. On Monday after the race in Portugal there will be a meeting with the FIA, Liberty Media and the engine manufacturers.

Important meeting about Red Bull’s future

What would Red Bull do without an engine? Mercedes is at its limit when it comes to providing power units. Ferrari simply doesn’t supply a product at the moment and Renault and Red Bull are not doing well after their previous collaboration.

Autobild.de reports that on Monday after the race in Portugal there will be an important meeting between the FIA, Liberty Media and the engine developers about the future of Red Bull Racing. In 2026, a new engine concept will be introduced, which will make it necessary to look at a short-lived collaboration.

Difficult choice for Red Bull Racing

The possibility exists that Red Bull will develop its own engine, but the chance is not very great. Helmut Marko said earlier: ‘We would only develop an engine for the transitional period’. Autobild concludes from this that the racing team should enter into a partnership with the VW group with Porsche under its care.

Marko stresses: “We want to stay in F1, but only if we are able to win. If that is not possible – because as a normal customer team (from Renault or Ferrari, ed.) we are too far behind – there is no point in staying”.

So on Monday there will be an important discussion, where will have to be decided how the power sources will be distributed. In particular, what Red Bull has left in the deal is crucial for both the team and F1.

Source: gpblog.com gpfans.com

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