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From January 22, since FutureAdPro 2.0 has been updated, the product has been launched. Many technical errors have been solved, however, much more work needs to be done to make things work 100%.

AdPro in numbers

In 78 days of launch, nearly 4 billion views, 290 million clicks, 265 million ad previews and 565,000 ads were posted.

What FutureAdPro is NOT

They reiterated that FAP is not an investment product and does not guarantee any income from the advertising package. Only those money that they receive from the entire FutureNet ecosystem can be distributed among users.


FutureAdPro is part of the FutureNet ecosystem, which includes: Banners App, FutureNet Trade, Caffe, FutureAdPro, Futuro Network, Social Network and all new products that are coming under FutureNet 2.0.
The entire ecosystem must generate traffic so that it can share income from active users via FAP.

Upgrading AdPro

According to Roman new advertising packages in FAP / New advertising options are coming soon – video promotions, sms, announcements, e-mails, posts, stories, promotion of profiles …

Revenue in AdPro

Since revenue is based on the traffic of the entire ecosystem of FutureNet and since many users have lost confidence in the company, revenue reflects the current situation.

Questions by Hugh Paul

Hugh Paul Ward on the webinar expressed disappointment with the company’s communication with customers during the change. But he was pleased to have talked about it today and continue to do business, unlike other companies that locked the door.

 Improved verification – 3,000 users are verified every day. Many people cheat on the platform and make false checks, so it all takes a long time. They sign a contract with the company to help speed up verification.
They are considering a temporary suspension of membership fees in AdPro until revenue is increased.


  • FutureAdPro remains. With new products in FutureNet 2.0. are focused on higher traffic and tо higher revenue in AdPro.
  • Make an temporarily decision: Priority is given to those who have purchased products in AdPro and have not yet paid anything, followed by others. The owners highlighted that this is the best solution for all possible current solutions.
  • Inform other questions that they have no answers through the newsletter. Stephan indicated that the negative at this point does not help increasing the company’s turnover.
  • As long as FutureNet is not worth our trust, we can only help our team to get things back. Everyone should decide whether to continue with the company or not.
  • Anyone who wants to get information about the FutureAdPro product should fully look at the current WEBINAR!
  • Anyone who wants to meet with FutureNet personally can do it at the event in Austria: 29th of June 2019.
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