FTO in your Brain!?

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Technology is amazing !
Do you know that you can store FuturoCoins in your mind?
Yes! In your mind.

How to do it?

1. Click here:https://github.com/futuro-…/paper-futuro/archive/master.zip…and download our paper wallet.

2 Open the downloaded folder and load the file “index.html”.

3. Your browser will open  the generator.

4. Go to the tab  “Brain Wallet”.

5. Enter the phrase that will be your password (remember to not share this phrase with anyone).

6. Based on your phrase, your wallet address and  your private key will be created. Make sure that it is completely unique because in order to gain access to the wallet it is enough to enter it again in the generator.

7. Be sure to save the phrase in a safe place, otherwise you can completely lose access to the wallet.

8. Now you can use this address in any way, by paying and transferring FTO.

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