FTO Academy

Have you ever tried searching for some basic information about cryptocurrencies or blockchain and failed? Everyone knows that articles found online may not present valuable knowledge. That’s why FuturoCoin decided to help out the novices. 

How to find information?

You probably know the situation when you’re looking for some information online. Everyone knows how hard it is to find a reliable source of knowledge on the

Internet. And sometimes, it’s even harder to understand what is written there, due to a complicated language or lack of precision. But there are places within the web where you can still find valuable information in an understable and entertaining form. Such a place is FuturoCoin Academy. 

Education first

But what is FuturoCoin Academy, you may ask. It’s a new creation by FuturoCoin – the innovative cryptocurrency that you have probably already heard of. FuturoCoin, even though it’s only one year old, it’s known from introducing some very interesting projects. Recently, FuturoCoin team has decided that it’s time for bringing out a platform which will help to educate the society about cryptocurrency technology. Spreading the knowledge that they have leads to sharing the experience with more and more people. 

What are the features?

There are multiple quick, educational videos that last around 3 minutes. They present a wide spectrum of various issues, from the very basic things to more complicated ones. In the videos, you can find out about both FuturoCoin specifically and cryptocurrency market in general. The videos are assigned to categories, to make the search process easier. During just a couple of minutes you can find out all you need to know about crypto! And it’s completely free of charge.

FTO Academy is a revolutionary project that aims to educate people about cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to make a series of step-by-step tutorials about many aspects of e-currency market. We want to encourage you to start trading by proving that it’s not hard at all! With our help – you will reach the top! We want to teach you the basics – what are cryptocurrencies? How are they made? Why are they gaining popularity? – All answers can be found on FTO Academy courses!

FuturoCoin Academy is basically for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything, or you know a little or quite a lot. There’s always something to learn and there’s never a bad time for doing that. But this platform is especially dedicated to people who are in search of a legit, reliable source of information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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