Formula 1 2021 with a new look. Returns ‘ground effect’ for better competition!

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Formula 1 bosses have decided to return the ‘ground effect’ with the new rules for 2021 because they are convinced that this will improve the race.

The fastest circus of the world for 2021 sets out huge changes that should affect all spheres: from technical rules, allocation of finance to rules in the race. The British publication Autosport has revealed the first details of plans for 2021, and there are currently discussions between F1, FIA and teams to complete the new regulations.

The new regulations are moving about a complete change in of approach to how a car produces downforce. The idea is to rid the sport of the complex aerodynamic devices that are dominant nowadays, especially in the wing and bargeboard area. A simpler and less sensitive front wing will be introduced.

The biggest change is taking place underneath the car – with a series of Venturi tunnels feeding a deep twin diffuser that will produce much of the car’s downforce. The concept is similar to what we previously saw in F1, which was introduced by Lotus. The ‘ground effect however, has been completely banned since 1983.

FIA’s technical director for the single-seater Nikolas Tombazis said:

“We want to make it more possible for cars to race each and follow each other and to have more exciting battles. We want to have tyres that enable people to fight each other without degrading or only giving a short interval for the person attacking to attack.”

“They are simpler than the current cars because a lot of the small components have been removed: especially in front of the sidepods, the front wings are simpler. There is a diffuser going right under the car – a venturi channel type manner. There are tunnels under the sidepods from the front to the back.”

Formula 1 bosses believe that the combination of the ‘ground effect’, simpler aerodynamics and front wheel deflectors will help the cars to be to follow each other more easily. The current generation of cars loses about 45% of its downforce when there are 2 car lengths behind a rival. The latest simulations of changes for 2021 show that this loss would be reduced to 5-10%.

“Two strong vortices suck in a lot of the rear wing wake and, as a result, what the following car sees is much, much cleaner flow. So we have a massive reduction of the loss of downforce for the following car.”

Formula 1 hopes to reach agreement with teams on new regulations by September 15th, so it could then be forwarded by the FIA’s World Motorsport Council for approval.

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