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What a game it was! FutureNet Maribor beat FC Litija 6:5 in the opening game of the semi-final in Slovenian futsal league. Our team had a very significant advantage but the rival managed to get back on the track. And the final score was balanced until the very end of this game.

It was quite a crazy game. In the 1st half, FutureNet Maribor took the lead 2:1 after goals of Teo Turk and Milos Stojković. After the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half it all looked like our team will get an easy victory. Uros Kroflić scored, Turk added 2 more goals and in the 29th minute Debeljak scored an own goal and the result was 5:1 for FutureNet Maribor.

If someone thought then that the game is over, he was deeply mistaken. FC Litija put on the higher gear and improved its offensive style. As a result, the guest team scored 4 goals in a row! Lah, Debeljak, Ramić and Vrhovec beat the goalkeeper of FutureNet Maribor and set the result for 6:5. As you can see, there was a lot of emotions in the sports hall in Maribor but eventually, our team managed to deliver the good result.

In the semi-final, promotion will be granted to the team which win 3 games. It means that FutureNet Maribor have to win 2 more games. The next game between FutureNet Maribor and FC Litija will be held on Friday, April 12th.

Semi-final of the Slovenian futsal league, game #1FutureNet Maribor – FC Litija 6:5 (2:1)Goals for FutureNet Maribor: Turk (8., 28., 29.), Stojković (19.), Kroflić (27.), Debeljak (29. – own goal). Score on aggregate: 1:0 for FutureNet Maribor.

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