Ferrari will have a ‘completely new’ power unit for 2021

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Ferrari is developing a new engine for 2021 with Mattia Binotto “somewhat happy” with what he has been seeing.

Ferrari-powered teams have struggled for pace throughout 2020, with much of the Scuderia’s alarming downfall courtesy of a lack of straight-line speed.

As a result, Binotto has confirmed the team is focussed on bringing a “completely new” design to the track in 2021.

“We do not have currently the best engine,” said the Ferrari boss.

“I think that next year we will have a completely new power unit, that’s per regulations.

“As Ferrari, we have invested a lot in developing further the power unit for 2021, furthermore for 2022. The engine is running currently on the dyno, I think that the feedback on performance and reliability are very promising.

Binotto explained the team will have to work around limitations when it comes to dyno testing but was content with the results produced from the programme so far.

He added: “We’ve got dyno limitations. That’s down to us somehow to be efficient in the way we are planning all the tests at the dyno, even creative in the way we are approaching the testing.

“But I think even if we have limitations on dyno operations, still there is room for improvement and I think that from what I can see today at the dyno, happy with the results.”


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