Ferrari confirms: “We have used veto rights against Toto Wolff”

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With the announcement of Stefano Domenicali as CEO of F1, there was also a rumour that Toto Wolff had also been approached by Liberty Media to take on the task. Wolff had talks, but in the end it never became concrete. In addition, there was the rumour that Ferrari had used its veto right to prevent the team boss of Mercedes from being put in charge of F1.

At La Gazzetta Dello Sport team boss Mattia Binotto confirmed that Ferrari had made use of that right in order to prevent Wolff from taking the role. “Yes, we have expressed our disagreement with the possible assignment of Toto Wolff as CEO of Formula 1″. Binotto explains that it is nothing personal, but because of the current circumstances.

Wolff not the wrong person

He is currently still working in Formula 1. We also think that Toto would fit in with that role. We don’t think it is right for someone who is currently in a team in the championship to take on that role“. That is why the choice for Domenicali was the right one.

The Italian has not worked in Formula 1 for a long time and also has a lot of knowledge about the different aspects of F1. “We are very happy that Stefano Domenicali has been chosen because he hasn’t been involved for a long time, but still knows a lot about F1“, Binotto concludes.


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