Ferrari and Red Bull now ‘pretty close’ for second-best team!

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Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto says his side must improve if it is to avoid being overtaken by Red Bull as the second-best team during 2019.

Ferrari Formula 1 team principal Mattia Binotto says his side must improve if it is to avoid being overtaken by Red Bull as the second-best team during 2019.

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen engaged in a thrilling scrap for the final podium position spot throughout the early stages of the race, with the place ultimately going the Ferrari driver’s way after his teammate Sebastian Vettel clashed with Verstappen, taking the Dutchman out of podium contention.

The Red Bull driver looked quicker than both Ferraris for much of the race and had overtaken Vettel for third place just before the pair collided at the Vale chicane on Lap 37, an incident which dropped Verstappen to fifth behind Red Bull teammate Pierre Gasly and Leclerc.

Asked if he feels Red Bull is becoming the second-best team, Binotto replied:

“They certainly improved, and if I look at the last two races as matter of fact they won in Austria and they have been very competitive in the race.”

“I think our package and their package are very close and I think that the last two races have shown it. Are they the second, are we the second? I think we are pretty close.”

“I think eventually for us it’s giving us even more boost as we need to further improve, we need to be capable of fighting for the first position at every single race whatever the circuit and it has not been the case here and no doubt in that respect it’s disappointing.”

“And after qualifying I would say we were expecting a better result today but the pace was not good enough and I think there is a lot to improve.”

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