FC Den Bosch

This football club has a very touching motto and a deeply established tradition. It’s also a good example of the meaning such clubs for local communities in not-so-big cities from all over the world.
FC Den Bosch is a football club from the Netherlands. In its books it’s written that August 18, 1965 was the date when the team has been established. But this club has its roots reaching into XIX century. Why? Because FC Den Bosch predecessors were The Willhelmins (established in 1890) and then BVV (established 1905).
During all this years, FC Den Bosch has its moments of glory. In 1947, reached the Dutch champion title (playing as BVV) and in 1991 was the winner of The Dutch Cup. FC Den Bosch was also the winner of Eerste Divisie in the Netherlands (second national league) five times. It’s quite impressive, especially when you’ll take a look into the Den Bosch city. Currently, around 150,000 people is living there. So it’s not a typical great city hosting great football team. And we know that football is very important in such local communities. It’s about identity, tradition and memories.
FC Den Bosch gave the world one of the best and most prolific players in the history of football. Ruud van Nistelrooy, former striker of such clubs like PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Real Madrid and also Dutch national team (70 appearances, 35 goals) was a player of the club from 1993 to 1997. Then he was growing to the level by which he impressed the world a few years later.
Since 2005, FC Den Bosch has been playing in the Dutch Eerste Divisie and dreaming about the return to the national highest league. Who knows? Maybe in the upcoming seasons the boys from the city of Den Bosch will bring the club back to its place.

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