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It was a very even game but FC Den Bosch did well its minimum plan. The team supported by FutureNet scored a 2:2 draw with Go Ahead Eagles in the 1st game of the 1st playoff round in Dutch Eerste Divisie.

FC Den Bosch is a very ambitious team. Guys had some problems at the beginning of 2019 and hasn’t been able to win for a long time. But when they ended its bad streak, they did it for good. With this attitude, FC Den Bosch managed to get into the playoff round, which opens up the window to get the promotion to the Dutch top league, Eredivisie.

The first FC Den Bosch’ obstacle on its way to the win is Go Ahead Eagles, the 3rd team of the regular season. This team is hard to beat especially when it plays on its home ground. That’s why the result of the latest game between these two can be considered as a success of our team.

FC Den Bosch started this game well. In 11th minute, Van der Sande scored the opening goal. The hosts equalized in the 29th minute with a goal scored by Lelieveld. A few minutes later, FC Den Bosch suffered from a blow as Stefano Beltrame had to leave the pitch with a injury. But the other players from Den Bosch maintained focused on their goal.

In the 2nd half, just after the break, FC Den Bosch started to push harder the host side. And it paid off: in 51st minute, Browders restored the lead for its team and put FC Den Bosch in quite good situation. But again, the hosts managed to bounce back. In 69th minute, Navratil scored the second goal for Go Ahead and eventually set the final score.

Game 2 between FC Den Bosch and Go Ahead Eagles will be played on Wednesday, May 22nd. Two goals scored in an away game is a solid advance for our team and it “Den Boschers” are favourite of the Wednesday’s game.

Playoff, game 1, Go Ahead Eagles – FC Den Bosch 2:2 (1:1) 
Goals for FC Den Bosch: Van der Sande (17.), Brouwers (51.)
Game 2 of this series will be played on Wednesday, May 22nd.

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