Facebook revising its Libra plans after intense regulatory pressure

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The latest industry report coming from The Information states that Facebook is reportedly tweaking its Libra Project that aimed at getting its native cryptocurrency Libra in the global financial system.

People familiar with the matter told that Facebook is no longer willing to launch its Libra token in the market. Instead the Libra platform – that was supposed to handle all the Libra functions – will support all the existing government backed currencies like the Euro and the U.S. Dollar.

Additionally, the report also notes that Facebook shall be making associated changes to its Calibra wallet that was supposed to handle all the transactions of Libra. Instead the Calibra wallet will now support different currencies and allow users to make payments for products and services only using the smartphone.

Facebook announced its plans to Libra last year in June 2019. Since then the social media giant has been constantly working on addressing regulatory issues and concerns. However, it has failed to convince the regulators on this part.

The Calibra wallet was earlier scheduled to launch this year in October 2020, notes the report. It also states that Facebook was earlier planning to launch this wallet only to those jurisdictions that would support which would eventually support the app.

But the report also adds that Calibra’s major features like money transfer and storage are likely to come on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as well. But the timeline of roll-out is still unclear.

Another report from the Bloomberg, suggests similar market plans for Facebook. One of the sources familiar with the matter said: “The dream of a single global coin isn’t dead. The new plan could expand, not pull back from, the original vision.”

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