Publishes Platform’s Smartcontract Audit Report

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One of the latest financial trends, the blockchain industry, is attracting entrepreneurs and investors alike with the promise of technological innovation and the revenue that comes with it. Bitcoin paved the way for blockchain technology and investors, but recent innovations in Ethereum makes blockchain tech more than just a cryptocurrency. Investors thus have an abundance of possibilities to choose from this emerging tech to a variety of different sectors, including healthcare, surveillance, and as a great investment opportunity.

The beauty of blockchain is that it is not constrained by international borders, so investors can seek out emerging companies anywhere in the world to put their money towards. The most common ways to invest in blockchain are either to purchase a cryptocurrency that is accruing value, much like what happened to bitcoin, or to seek out one of the many blockchain startups with a promising trajectory and become an “angel investor” which can have immense payoff if the company proves successful.

ETHX2.IO is one such emerging blockchain company with stakes in the financial as well as technological sectors, platforming a variety of applications as well as operating a cryptocurrency through a decentralized network. ETH.X GROUP has just deployed the platform’s smart contract, increasing the team’s transparency, efficiency and security as the company expands. The newly launched platform, which uses the Ethereum network is still in its first phase but has ambitions to enhance the scalability of Ethereum and make its investment features accessible to even more users. Ethereum is already one of the most widely used blockchain networks, and the ETH.X GROUP will spread the usability of blockchain tech even farther.

ETHX2.IO recently published the company’s audit report, setting a precedent for other companies and signaling the importance of the auditing process for blockchain networks. Because a smart contract is essentially a record of every exchange of value across a particular platform, ensuring it remains secure and uncorrupted is crucial to preserving the utility and safety of the platform. Smart contracts are unique in that they are ever changing, so audits provide a stasis point for the efficacy, security and integrity of the technology.

ETH.X GROUP is holding themselves accountable in their use of this powerful technology, laying the groundwork for other companies to do the same. This kind of precent ensures that investors in and users of blockchain alike can rest assured of the integrity of emerging businesses utilizing the technology. It also represents the willingness of ETH.X GROUP and similar companies to make their business as transparent and democratic as possible, as blockchain should be. Every user leaves their mark on a string of blockchain, like a signature, so the democratization of such a technology with such powerful potential is crucial to establishing an ethical and secure framework for the future of blockchain.


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